Rhapsody in Blue/ Statue of Liberty

This performance is a tribute to the Statue of Liberty and our freedoms. Black Mariah performs a truely classic tease in an oxidized copper green gown. "Rhapsody in Blue" is a jazz concerto written by George Gershwin as a "musical kaleidoscope of America, of our vast melting pot, of our unduplicated national pep, of our blues, our metropolitan madness." The composition has also been interpreted as a reflection of New York City and its many facets. The song lends itself to the beauty and seduction that is America, and is the perfect selection to perform as the Statue of Liberty. 



Star Stripper

Star Stripper is a routine where Black mariah gives a nod to not only Texas, but to the Graphic novel and movie based on that novel "Sin City". The number is infused with soundbytes from the movie over a swanky cow town tune.......Chaps, guns, and cowgirl hats give this number it's distinct mesquite flavor.

This next video is the same act, without the soundbytes from Tombstone and Sin City. This video is filmed by Ben Britt at the Ruby Revue burlesque show in Dallas. 

Wonder Woman

A reminiscent classic, this number is inspired by the 70's tv show starring Lynda Carter. The number is comedic and a favorite wherever it is performed. The performance is high energy.



Created for premier at Dallas Burlesque Festival 2010, uses the music of Devil Doll "You put a Spell on me" with a custom mix of Harlem Nocturne by Spike Jones for a speakeasy, underground burlesque show performance. The performance utilizes a lux feather boa from beginning to end.




Black Mariah performs to the song "Hell"  by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. In a hell themed setting, she dances around a faux fire cauldron to choreography by e.Hall. Created in April 2009, it is a classic tease with modern music and a flaming twist to the end! This performance does contain a fire flash, however utilizes a quick flame element that is not regulated under any state Fire Marshall. It is similar to that of magician's flash paper. The element is impregnated with the fuel and there is no fuel container needed for travel or storage. The flash element poses no danger to any stage or theater as the flame is contained and never reaches the floor.