The Fan Dance

Black Mariah specializes in the ostrich feather Fan Dance. Black Mariah made her burlesque debut with ostrich fans performing a tribute to her inspiration, Dita Von Teese. She currently has a bank of fan dance routines but can adapt the fans, music, or choreography upon request and as needed. Black mariah owns four sets of fans currently- Black feather fans, black and hot pink feather fans, Baby pink and hot pink feather fans, and white with baby blue feather fans.

The fan dances that Black Mariah currently performs are: (Pictures soon)

At Last- Etta James

Feeling Good- Michael Buble' (includes a boa routine as well)

Feeling Good-Pink fans -Michael Buble'

Greatest Show on Earth- (circus theme)- Macy Grey

I Put a Spell on you-(Dita Von Teese tribute) - Marilyn Manson


 Thank you to Sarah Phillipson for these lovely photos!


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