Fastenating Things is my shop for pasties, custom burlesque costumes, tiny top hats and all things burlesque. I will be adding new items frequently so sign up for the RSS feed to keep up with new items.

You can place your custom order by going to my CONTACT page and telling me about the pasties you want!

I have an Etsy shop, but my pasties sell out so fast at vending events, I can't keep any in stock! 


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First Annual Pastie SALE! 

For the first time ever, I am offering a special pastie package at a low low cost! The sale runs through Sunday, May 22 and ends at midnight (your time zone). This offer is great of beginners and professional performers. This is a STEAL for burlesque troupes who want all of their members to have matching pasties. If you have a large order for a burlesque troupe, I will give a discount for a troupe order!

I have put together a basic pastie package that will match almost any costume on stage!

You may choose either the Premier package or the Pro Pastie package. 

The Premier Package $90

The Premier package gets you one set of Basic round pasties in your size, and 10 pair of different color tassles. This package gives you the freedom of wearing one pastie 11 different ways, including tassle free! The spinner mounts are so discreet, they are almost invisible from the audience without a tassle attached! Having performed in shows with numerous pastie changes that eventually damaged my delicate skin, this option could be a releif for multi number shows. Don't change your pastie, just change the tassle!

Rhinestone super spinner pasties from Fastenating Things always include 1 set of tassles and retail for $40-50 and extra quick change tassles retail for $10 each. You will save $50 just on the tassles! 

You may choose either Crystal or Crystal AB rhinestone pasties with Super spinner hardware and mount. These two rhinestone colors will match virtually anything, even without including those rhinestones into your costume! Next you can choose one of the 10 color tassle sets. Choose from either the basic rainbow set of super spinner tassles, (includes black, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue, navy blue, purple) or the tertiary rainbow color set (light pink, hot pink, burgundy, cream, light blue, teal blue, lime green, gold, silver, lavendar).












The Pro Set $160

The Pro Pastie set includes a 2 sets of pasties: 1 set of Crystal and one set of Crystal AB pasties with super spinner hardware and tassle mounts. Also included in the Pro set are all 20 colors of tassle pairs! an organizer ring is included with your tassles to easily store and organize your tassles in a central location. The Pro set is great for the beginner as well as the professional burlesque dancer. 

Some limitations apply. Price does not include shipping, which will vary according to location. Prices reflect pasties up to 3". for pasties greater in diameter than 3", an additional $10 per pastie set, per inch, will be added to cover the cost of extra rhinestones. All orders must be paid in full before manufacturing will begin on the pasties. Please allow 2-3 manufacturing time to create your order. All orders will be shipped UPS and and cannot be shipped to PO boxes. Sale will end at midnight Pacific Standard time on Sunday May 22nd. 

Please contact me regarding your purchase and I will send you an orderform for you to fill out and return.

How do I order? 

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Pastie order (include quantity)

__Premier Pasties $90 Crystal- Rainbow or tertiary tassles

__Premier pasties $90 Crystal AB- Rainbow or Tertiary tassles

__Pro Pastie set (2 sets of pasties and all 20 tassles)



Thanks so much and happy twirling!


Black Mariah

New product!

              Fastenating Things is proud to announce the release of our newest product! Ever bought a beautiful set of expensive pasties and they just don't match that one costume? Problem Solved! Fastenating Things has developed pasties with interchangable tassles! the new product sells from between $30- $70. Purchasing a full package gets you the pasties with the interchangable hardware, and two extra tassles in your choice of colors! this is a steal as you are getting 3 sets of pasties in one. The interchangeable tassle is perfect for the very busy dancer who finds herself changing pasties frequently in one show, or the thrifty beginner, who needs beautiful rhinestones pasties, but just can't bspend a lot of money on a new pair for each new routine! Extra tassle sets are $10 per set. You can get tassles in any color and even special order custom dyed tassles! Below you will see the sequin economy version of the pastie. These pasties are $40. Notice the heart clasp tassles? Cute! I know!

As with all of my super spinner tassled pasties, the hardware is discreetly concealed in the tip of the pastie, reducing the risk of damaging the spinner hardware underneath a bra and easily concealing your tassles untill you are ready for your big twirly girl reveal!