Festival Season

I am truly honored to announce that I have been accepted and will perform in my first three Festvals of the year. 

Dallas Burlesque Festival - Feb 2-5; Dallas, TX; House of Blues and Dish

Southwest Burlesque Showcase Feb 10th & 11th; Albuquerque, NM; Kimo Theater

Southern Fried Burlesque Festival March 8-11th; Decatur, GA; Decatur Conference Center


I hope you can join me at one or all of these incredible festivals! 

Happy New Year! 2012 is starting with a bang!

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 is starting out to be a promising year, full of new acts, new endevours and lots of tassles twirling like a plane! To begin the new year, I willl be appearing Jan 12th with Ginger Snaps in her newest Austin show sensation at the ND theater, for THE 80's! Then, TO rock Dallas for another year of new beginnings, the 4th Annual Dallas Burlesque Festival lands at the House of Blues Feb 2-5! 4 whole nights of incredible performances featuring our headliner, Miss Michelle L'Amour! Hot off the Heels of the Dallas Burlesque Festival, I will jetset my way for my debut in Albuquerque, NM for the Southwest Burlesque Showcase, where I will be performing Friday night Feb 10, in great company of one of your favorite Texas Goddesses, Miss Coco Lectric

There are some great shows and festivals in the works for 2012 and I can't wait to see where this year takes me. I hope to see you there! 


Black Mariah

All Hail the Queen!

         I enjoyed another week in new Orleans for the 3rd annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival. I was chosen to vend as Fastenating Things provided three nights of pastie shopping for the patrons of the festival. Not only did I set up shop at the festival, but I caught every show, and had the opportunity to catch and meet so many amazing performers I had not enjoyed before this weekend, as well as some of my friends, and clients rocking some of my handmade costumes and pasties! Thanks so much to Missy Lisa, Angi B Lovely as well as Ginger Valentine for allowing me to make their costuming ( and headdress) dreams come true. The festival rocked for three full nights until the new Queen was crowned Saturday night at the Queen of Burlesque Competition held at Harrah's Casino. Every performer was amazing. I was so inspired as a performer, a costumer, and simply a fan of many of these women. I had already had the surprise of my life to find that the flyer and poster art for the festival was none other than my good friend, Ginger Valentine, wearing a beautiful gold and black costume that I had made for her! Everywhere I went in the Quarter, I saw the flyers featuring Ginger!

         Congratulations to Lola Van Ella, Loulou Deville (woo Finland), and to my client, my friend, and my colleauge, Ginger Valentine, who was crowned Queen of Burlesque, by the former Queen of Burlesque, who I am also proud to call my friend, Coco Lectric. I have swelled with pride and emotion as I watched my friend wear the crown she worked so hard to wear, and knowing that her costume came from her imagination, our meeting of the minds, and my hands. Ginger had the talent, and the drive, and a GREAT choreography as well as hours of rehearsal time and a rocking body. I simply put the spinkles on an already great dessert. Ginger Valentine really featured my work in a way I just could not imagine. I had no idea what her choreography looked like and it was amazing. Congratulations Ginger! Way to go and be a Queen!

If you have never had the priveledge of enjoying the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, mark your calendars for 2012, as you should never miss this festival!

From Left to Right: 1st runner up- LouLou DeVille, 2011 Queen of Burlesque- Ginger Valentine, 2nd Runner up- Lola Van Ella

Thank you to AKoch Photography for the permission to include this incredible photo of these lovely ladies in this article!! 

Don't be a drag, just be a Queen. -Lady Gaga

 The song, "Born this Way" has really affected me as of late. The song has a great beat, and for those of us who are odd, quirky, artistic, or spent our lives just struggling with the duality of being "different" in a world that expects normalcy, this song is an anthem. the more I listen to this song, the more I relate to the lyrics. The line repeated throughout the duration of the song that seemed to burn itself into my brain is, "don't be a drag, just be a Queen". For me, I feel this line has many meanings, as lyrics or poetry can, and can be defined only by it's audience's interpretations. The most obvious interpretations of the line is the relationship of the words "drag" and "queen". being the Miss Gaga is very supportive of the gay community and gay rights, I would never assume this line is implying to avoid being a Drag Queen. Artists, performers and those of us who have highly abnormal lives experince the vulnerability reality. For me, the line says don't be a drag and bring everyone around you down with negativity, gossip and drama; rather, behave like a Queen (royalty) and exude the best qualities , and you will lead by example. 

Like many others, I struggle with the duality of the downside to being realistic, yet wanting to posess a more positive outlook about life, rather than a cynical one. The interpretation of this line was incredibly inspiring, as I felt that maybe if I repeated it to myself when I felt the urge to be negative, or respond to negativity, I would be reminded to be more positive, and carry myself in a more respectful manner. 

With this inspiration, I have decided to post, hopefully once per day, an example of "don't be a drag, just be a Queen", in hopes that the words will also affect those around me in a positive way. Sometimes we take for granted the relationships we have with others, and forget that even good friends and family are deserving of positivity and kindness. I hope this initiative will remind us all that even the smallest words can help or hurt. With that.........




The Burlesque Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance

to the worldwide community of Burlesque.

Vowing to uphold the values,

that were set by it's founders;

to BUMP it!

to GRIND it!

to TWITCH it!

to TWATCH it!

Happily letting the whole world watch it!

With pride and grace,

cheering on all those around me.

Always honoring the past,

while creating the future.

- written and led by World Famous *BOB* @ BHOF 2011 Las Vegas