Burlesque Hall of Fame, here I come!

Hotel booked, flight booked, VIP tickets purchased, all that's left are some last minute errands and packing the sparkliest suitcase and hopping the plane for Burlesque Hall of Fame! Legends, movers, shakers, people you would love to see shake and quake and all in the heart of Sin City. Those of us who are performers will go to the Super Bowl of Burlesque events, and feel more of a family reunion. BHoF is more than a competition, it's an annual gathering of the world's most unique present day strippers, as well as a reunion of the old tassle twirlers who have shown us how it's done. You can skim the lineup with envy here or follow them on Twitter for up to the minute sales, news and a play by play!

And if your looking for something special for your first journey to the desert, run on over to my pastie sale, which will continue through midnight May 22nd.  What a perfect addition to your already amazing costume!

See you soon!


Black Mariah

Ruby Revue, don't miss this!

The Ruby Revue has a beautiful new promo video .......so remember these steamy sexy images when you mark April 29th on your Calendar! Ruby Revue, April 29th, Texas Theater! Be there for this:



Its Fat Tuesday, March 8, 2011, and you know what today is? Today, I was the Stripcheez.com Cheez Star of the day!

Hoop Guru!

I recently participated in in a hula hoop class taught by one of Dallas's best hula hoop teachers, Julia Price of Sassyhoops. 6 weeks of great hoop lessons and I'm hooping with the best of them! I had such a great time and I recommend Julia's class to anyone interested in hooping! This was a beginner class and let me tell you, you wouldn't know it by the time the class was finished. Julia is a great teacher and the class was energetic. There is no better feeling in the world like accomplishing a goal, and there is a great thrill in learning a new hoop trick! I have so much more to learn and I can't wait to take Level 2 from Julia! Until the next class you can catch me out hooping......even fire hooping! Follow the Sassyhoops link above to check out the class schedule and find a class near you! Until next time! 

-Black Mariah!

Great Southern Exposure Burlesque Pagent

This Thanksgiving, after resisting the urge to graze all day long on the long list of delicious foods at all of our families dinner tables, We packed the car down full of rhinestones and costumes and trekked even further east to the Queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina. I was selected to compete in the Great Southern Exposure Burelsque Pagent hosted by Big Mama D of Big Mama's House of Burlesque.

     I entered my hilarious "Wonder Woman" performance, and even decided that in the spirit of "Exposure" to debut a star studded "pusstie" as I understand, Charlotte has never seen the likes of such. My family also decided to attend the show, it was thier first. After performing and seeing some really amazing performers, the winners totals were added up and the awards were bestowed.

QUEEN of Southern Exposure - Lo-Lo Flamingo Denver, CO
PRINCESS of Southern Exposure - Madame Mae I Vancouver, BC Canada
KING of Southern Exposure - Fonda Lingue Atlanta, GA
PRINCE of Southern Exposure - Stache
Most Glamorous Southern Exposure - Stormy Knight Atlanta, GA
Most Classic Southern Exposure - Madame Mae I Vancouver, BC Canada
Best Duet Southern Exposure - Brouhaha Review Greensboro, NC
Best Group Southern Exposure - The Village Washer Wenches Carolina Renaissance Festival
Most Humorous Southern Exposure - The Village Washer Wenches Carolina Renaissance Festival
Edgiest Southern Exposure - Sassy Frass Knoxville, TN White Lightnin Burlesque
Best Variety Southern Exposure - Jayna Lee Concord,NC
Mammas Choice Southern Exposure - Black Mariah Dallas ,TX

Thanks so much to the entire crew of Big Mamma's and Amos's South End. The show was such a delight and I hope to see Charlotte more often!

After the show and the crownings, I stuffed my face full of leftovers. Sweet delicious reheated leftovers......with my crown still on!