Official Separation from The Lollie Bombs LLC

Hello everyone,

                I am writing to publicly announce the severance of Black Mariah from the Lollie Bombs, LLC  as of 9/13/2010 .  We split amicably due ultimately to a difference in ambition and I have decided to leave the comfort of a burlesque troupe for the opportunities for growth that can only happen as a solo burlesque performer.   I have grown as a dancer, a burlesque performer, and as a person thanks to the Lollie Bombs, however all good things must come to an end, and my time as a member of The Lollie Bombs Burlesque troupe, has ended.

This decision was extremely difficult as there are ways I cannot imagine my life without the Lollie Bombs. Every member has been more than a member to me; I have considered each of them my friend. It was hard to envision leaving the troupe, and even harder to actually leave. I realize that neither I nor the Lollie Bombs can grow and develop by staying where we are. I also realized that no matter where I go, what I do, or where I perform, the Lollie Bombs will always be a part of me. It was an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with the Lollie Bombs.

The Lollie Bombs have worked hard and overcome much adversity over the years to become who they are today. I know they will carry on and be every bit as successful as I know they can be. I ask that everyone be positive and supportive of each of us as we embark on our separate paths.

Any inquiries regarding the Lollie Bombs for booking, business and media relations should be directed to

Any inquiries regarding Black Mariah for booking, business and media relations can be directed to or


Thank you,

Black Mariah

Tales of the Cocktease....I mean Cocktail!

July 19th, Angi B lovely and I took a road trip to New Orleans, LA for the show, Tales of the Cocktail, featuring Dita Von Teese. Now Dita is my idol, I love her. She is the very reason I am a dancer. Her mesmerizing grace a beauty drew me in and I was hooked. That was 7 years ago and I have seen her perform live in person once and met her once. A lot has happened since then. I can honestly say I have come into my own, and had that book she signed for me stolen (grr). So I frantically bought two tickets to the tales of the Cocktail show in NOLA at the House of Blues, booked our hotel within stumbling distance of the House of Blues and then waited for the special trip to roll around. Angi and I packed our bags and headed for the Big Easy. 9 hours later we checked into the hotel, and immediately called our friend Coco Lectric for a late night romp through town.

The following evening, Angi and I found ourselves bringing Coco some of her newly tailored and rhinestoned costume pieces to the dress rehearsal. We walked down to the House of Blues, and once we were in the main room, we ran into Rick Delaup (producer for New Orleans Burlesque festival and consultant for Tales of the Cocktail) and Perle Noir. On stage was the infamous "Opium Den bed" from Dita's highly acclaimed Opium Den performance. I was overwhelmed. The lights weren't even on and it was sparkling. Rick kindly allowed me to oogle the bed closer (I promised not to touch it, photograph it, or steal the design) and it was flawless, just like her. I can't imagine what something like that would cost to build. Im telling you it wasn't just a prop, it was a finished piece of furniture with wired paper lanterns inside , and glowing side panels, fronted by hand crafted and carved oriental patterned wooden panels.  I also saw her holographic glittered powder puff compact wheeled out for her as well! I was giddy.

We left and had a couple of drinks, and apparently, in NOLA, there is this thing called a "to go cup" of which your alcoholic beverage can be placed in for you to sip on as you stumble back to your abode! This place is amazing. OH and NOLA is beautiful too. the architecture and the magic is mesmerizing. There is something about New Orleans, I can't put my finger on it, but I felt like I knew someone, everywhere I went. It was crazy. A warm friendly town.

So the show was amazing, our friend Coco Lectric was asked to perform in the show, as well as Dallasite by proxy, Perle Noir. It took us hours to get ready, as primping after drinking is actually rather difficult. When we arrived at the House of Blues, it was already packed, we grabbed our drinks and made our way to the front, swinging by Dirty Martini and Dulce de Leche on our way to working into front of the crowd, center. No chairs, but I don't think i would have sat down anyway. Murray Hill emceed and he was everything I hoped for, cheeky, hilarious, a true vaudevillian style performer. Dita opened the show with her "Cointreauversial" routine. sparkling head to toe, the famous martini glass appeared at the back of the stage. She performed with her ridiculously long and beautiful fire phoenix colored boa and the mystery bird feather fans. Murray came out to introduce another performer and a feather from Dita's fans was stuck to his shoe. I waved him toward me and plucked it from his shoe! (quickly while another fan girl tried to pluck it away from my hand. You're gonna have to get up awfully early in the morning to get a Dita relic out of my cold dead hands) I tucked it away in my purse to add to a shadowbox of things from the trip.

Coco Lectric took the stage with her "red number" which KILLED the crowd. I can't remember seeing that number and ever thinking it was a bore, because its built for excitement. tonight was no exception. She also sported pasties and and hand curled ostrich feather hair fascinator by moi!

Perle Noir also showed the crowd why she is the Queen of New Orleans burlesque. Her energy and stage presence was simply divine. She is royalty!

Dita came out again to perform her "powder Puff" routine. Its the routine where she is a powder puff, emerging from a powder compact. She performed this number on a pair of blue satin pointe shoes. then as she strips, she takes a rhinestone encrusted bottle of powder and begins to powder all the good bits while covering the crowd in the leftovers.

Duke Lafayette (ironic, since he was from New York) took the stage and proved why he was asked to be part of the show! He was a filthy riot, and drove the ladies mad! Oh that golden leg!

Selena Luna also performed twice, and was a treat as I had heard so much about her and had never seen her perform. She did not dissappoint.

The last number was the infamous "Opium Den" number from Dita. I had waited so long to see this number in person. Her costume was covered in rhinestones placed edge to edge, 20 and 30 ss sized swarovskis in I believe Volcano colored. I was entranced and just knew that costume had to weigh quite a bit. I was told later that Dita tweeted that it actually weighed 50 or 60 pounds! Not surprising, seeing it in person, the weight was obvious in the swing of the skirt. Catherine D'Lish created this costume for her, and another designer who's name slips my mind created the headpiece and something else in the number. Dita actually twirled the tassels on her pasties! I have never seen her do that but it was beautiful. She looked a little surprised when she twirled them too. Maybe it was her first time?

The following evening, Angi and I scurried about NOLA after following Coco to her red carpet debut and handing off the Dita Vo Teese book, hoping she will sign it.

By the end of the evening, Coco sent me a message that she had made an exception that evening and only signed my book. Her manager presented it asking on behalf of "Coco's costumer". We ended up at the Carousel bar in a hotel a couple of streets over with all of the stars of the show. It was really divine.

I did not want to leave Nola, but was reassured that I would return in September for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival to see everything that I missed this trip. Now it appears the trip will be a Lollie affair!

Matter of update

So the warehouses of hair and nylons are full! cannot take any more donations! Thats great. They have enough supplies to make 25 miles worth of booms. I wonder how much oil that will sop up?

More on donating nylons and hair

UPDATE! I have added a couple more collection dates to this campaign and so many dancers are really getting behind this campaign. The next collection date will be Saturday May 22nd at Broads and Panties: Cheesecake in Ft Worth, held at the Gallery at Lander's. Thanks to Vivienne Vermouth for her kind permission to let me collect at the event! Thank you so much for all of the support everyone has given. La Divina, Athena Fatale, Courtney Crave, Penny Sailor and many others have generously peeled their nylons off (in the sexiest way possible of course) and have donated for the cleanup!


 Since April 20th, oil has been escaping at a rate of 210,000 gallons a day after an explosion on a BP-leased rig (BBC news) in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyday my stomach turns when our newscasters report that the leak is still not plugged.  As of this morning,  How much of our wildlife is dying every day from this? I see nothing reported about the impact on the wildlife near the spill, a concern resonating throughout the world, of which the answer has been tightlipped. I can only pray the oil leak is plugged soon so that we can begin the cleanup and hopefully heal the damage. Your donations of nylons and hair clippings will help!

If you would like to donate hair clippings I can arrange a drop off or pick up with you at an upcoming show or if you will be near the Mckinney TX area. Hair clippings as well as weaves and wigs are usable for this campaign as longs as they are made of 100% human hair, they are acceptable to donate to If you would like to mail your donation, please send a message through the contact page!

Did you see the Wendy Williams Show today? Wendy is also on board for this event! She went through her wig collection and pulled lots of old strands and wigs and had wheelbarrow full of hair to donate for the cause! Thanks Wendy! HOW YOU DOIN'!

Wiggys to the Rescue!


Nylon collection!

No I'm not displaying them, I am collection nylons for the group the orgganization collects used, flawed, runned, or worn our nlons or pantyhose as well as clippings of animal hair and human hair. the hair is wither stuffed into the nylons to make booms or woven into a mat. Hair and fur is naturally abosorbent and the recycling of the fubers into booms or mats, makes a totally green product for absorbing oil from oil spills in the ocean! This effort is more important now than ever as gallons of oil are leaking into our guf and destroying the wildlife and ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico.

This Saturday, May 15th, I will have a recepticle at Hot Rods and Heels at the Lakewood Theater for collection of nylons from patrons and burlesque dancers. Every person who donated will receive 10% off merchandise my booth only, Fastenating Things. thanks so much to the Hot Rods and Heels staff for helping me out with this effort.

We are also working on getting a second night for collecting set up at the Ruby Revue House of Blues burlesque show the following night on May 16th. The Cherry Poppin Daddies will be playing that night, and La Divina is headlining the brlesque showcase, so really, that night is gonna be a big win for everyone! More details to come for the House of Blues show!