Next stop, BOSTON!

With the inaugural performance at Lectric Vaudeville finished, I will be spending the week updating my "Hell" costume, packing and preparing for my trip to the Boston Burlesque Expo I will be performing in the Saturday night showcase competing in the Main Event. I'm very excited to see Michelle L'Amour and Viva Le Muerte again!

Just before I leave I will be vending at the Ruby Revue Burlesque show at the House of Blues Cambridge room.  Tickets are $15 and availabel through or the House Of Blues box office. I will have an color card on hand, as well as some boa and fan amples for you to order for your next show. Of course I will have plenty of super spinner pasties available for sale as well as tiny top hats, pastie tape and Hair Fastenators.

Brand spanking New Website

    I talked about it and wished for it until I decided that wishing and whining would never bring about my own website. So here it is. Thanks to Squarespace for making web creation so easy a monkey could do it. Or a four year old. Either way, that is the level of web savvy understanding posess, and yet you are feasting your eyes upon webby things I created, with only a tutorial. I hardly think this allows me the title of "webmaster", as that conjures up a mental image of She-Ra with a laptop, capable of anything, which I am not. I think this just deems me capable of reading directions, much like one would make macaroni and cheese from the box.

     I plan to add "Fastenating Things" to the site as well as links so you may purchase in stock pasties. Until them please feel free to drop me a line from the contact page and request custom pasties to your little tassle twirling heart's content. Or just drop me a line, I love hearing from all of you. Until next time!


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