Enjoy this look into the past......these are some of the online press from 2006 when I was a member of White Lightnin Burlesque The first video is from our debut, I'm singing in this.....cover your ears. The other lovely songstress in the video is Siren Santina, now of the burlesque troupe Salome Cabaret. Video and article published after the debut performance; April 22nd, 2006. Video interview conducted by Erin Chapin for Random This

White Lightnin' debut

This is a lovely sound assisted interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel's "Picture This" segment. I loved the picture they chose and the interview was a great piece. I hope your ears don't melt from the "Miley Cyrus" accent you will be bombarded with!Oh how times and my view of burlesque has changed. This interview was conducted 1 year after I had begun performing with a group, rather than as a soloist. I have grown so much as a performer since then, and so has the burlesque performance scene! Interview by Joe Howell. Article published around January 2007.

Picture This

Boston Burlesque Expo in Pictures- Boston Phoenix

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